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Hey, I'm Nathan. Devoted novelist, math geek, and gamer. I post a lot of Deep Space Nine, Pokémon, and Ace Attorney. Expect a healthy side helping of Zelda and Homestuck.

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Fucking idiot


the sweetest #1 apprentices ok


the sweetest #1 apprentices ok




Dave: Hey karkat this was my favorite book as a child.

So our school had an assembly and a teacher read this book to the whole school and you could just hear the muffled laughter from random homestucks in the crowd and then they decided to make the whole years theme “be a bucket filler” that was my favorite assembly

omfg i remeber laughing me head off reading this

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source: official Capcom Japan

artist: 菊野郎さん

translation: me

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If you honestly signed that “destroy all cishets” petition, I have no respect for you.

You are why the amount of signatures had to be raised; because people were abusing the petition system for stupid shit like this. You are why petitions for legitimate causes have failed to reach their goal, because the limit had to be raised because assholes like you abused the system.

I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

Video Game Challenge | Seven Female Characters [2/7] - Midna

    “If you are a wielder of power, as you claim… I will risk everything to deny you!”


It’s so funny how everyone portrays Her Imperious Condescension as a formal, dignified, regal empress, and then you read her pesterlogs and 


Yes. So regal.


Look how queenly she is.


The epitome of royal behavior.