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Hey, I'm Nathan. Devoted novelist, math geek, and gamer. I post a lot of Deep Space Nine, Pokémon, and Ace Attorney. Expect a healthy side helping of Zelda and Homestuck.

i’m angry right now because of capitalism


The German title for “Improbable Cause”/”The Die is Cast” is “Der geheimnisvolle Garak” which literally means “The mysterious Garak” what the fuck.

Artist: Toshihiko Horiyama
Track Name: "Trucy's Theme ~ Child of Magic"
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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Trucy’s Theme ~ Child of Magic


For my favorite nerd, who I sent a Goomy plush to because he loves that lil’ cutie. Happy birthday, wicked-ninja​! Thanks for being an awesome friend I hope you have a wonderful day, you big butt ♥ c:


This is the best meme even though it’s so stupid

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An app now exists to make you phone do the Wilhelm Scream when dropped.

Vine credit: Matt Awad

it also doesn’t make sense to me that people act like Kai Winn is the Dolores Umbridge equivalent on DS9.

I can make an easy argument for who is, and why they are, in eight words:

"So THAT is how the Solids express intimacy."

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welp i have the house to myself time to declare a no shirts zone

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I tried to do a more painterly render of a sketch (same batch as the sketches I posted on my main blog, actually) but eh, I’m just not feeling it.