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Hey, I'm Nathan. Devoted novelist, math geek, and gamer. I post a lot of Deep Space Nine, Pokémon, and Ace Attorney. Expect a healthy side helping of Zelda and Homestuck.


Sitting out by my bike waiting for my next class to start.


Sitting out by my bike waiting for my next class to start.


I’m back from vacation! Have a Shaymin.


USS Shenondoah

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…it’s looking pretty obvious who the big bad of this game is

Bezella’s true identity

then again i could be misinterpreting everything


I’m such a piece of ace attorney trash they could release a game where phoenix defends a character that’s just him w/ a handlebar mustache and the prosecutor is also him but in a nun costume his sidekick is a cardboard cut-out of apollo wearing a yugioh duel disk and charge me 600$ and I’d fucking preorder it with one-day shipping 

could be gayer

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Track Name: "if cr1tikal were a personality core"
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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

lms if i should post the first three chapters of Alternative Array (my trekstuck fic) tonight


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No, you used to be my father.  Now, you’re my architect.  The man who designed a better son to replace the defective one he was given.